Samsung N510 and HDMI

This mornig I plugged the N510 to my LG 3200 HD Ready TV via HDMI. No problems, the N510 recognized the TV immidiatly and all 4 options, netbook display only, lcd only, both and dualview worked fine. Under the Nvidia interface there is a setup for lcd tvs, so that you can fit the resolution and the desktopsize perfectly to your TV. Browsing and HD-Videos was good.

But, it sesms, that there´s no audio transmitted over the HDMI. I had no sound at all. I checked Bios, Windows and Nvidia settings, couldn´t find anything to activate it.
So I had to plug in my Logitech Z2300 2.1 system to the headphone output of the N510. That worked well.

YouTube is still uploading the file, the picture quality isn´t very good, the autofocus of the Ixus 100 is couldn´t get the TV picture right.

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