N510 as a Desktop PC

I plugged my Samsung 22 inch screen via VGA into the N510. I wanted to test, if the Ion + Atom combination would be enough as a normal desktop PC. The screen resolution went automatically to 1680×1050 and looked good. Then I started Google Chrome, opened 6 different weppages,started Open Office and paint.net. And on top I played a 720p mkv file with mpc-hc. Than I tried surfing, email, watching photos and switching to the running movie. No problems at all. Even Youtube non hd vids ran fine. The Samsung speed settings were on slow.

So I am pretty happy with this and now I am checking for a cheap Acer Revo as a 24/4 running system, so that my heavy gaming desktop PC doesn´t have to run all time for torrents and surfing ;o)

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One Response to N510 as a Desktop PC

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