I got a new desk

I got a new desk. No, not a PC, a real one. Ok, it´s really a desk, but I use it as one. I couldn´t stand the old mess and hoped for a new fresh start with a new desk.

So I went to IKEA

And got a new “Glasholm” glas plate and an additional “Helmer” as a second food. And here is the result, tadaaa:

What do you think?

And of course I taped it. Here is the YouTube vid with my awesome English:

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2 Responses to I got a new desk

  1. Brian says:

    Does the glass more around at all, did you need some kind of pads on the top of e helmets?

  2. No, I put it right on top of the helmets and it’s not moving around because it is to heave for that ;o)

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