Making a Micro Sim Card

Ok, my iPad 3G is on it´s way to my doorstep and I got the wonderful idea, that this would be the perfect moment to think about the new Micro Sim Card. I don´t have any yet. But here is how I do the trick, I will make my own.

First thing, my German Carrier is O2. And this cool people give you 3 different normal Sim Cards. And with these you can use the same data plan on all 3 cards. I have one in my iPhone, one in my 3G USB-Stick and out of the third I´ll make my Micro Sim.

Next step, I found this guide here. There you can download and print a pattern for the Micro Sim Card.

You just cut it out and put it on the backside of your normal Sim Card.

And then start cutting. I got a little bit scarred that I might cut off too much, so I left some space to work with, ones the iPad arrives. Better to gut too little then to much ;o)

UPDATE: I finally managed to upload the video:

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3 Responses to Making a Micro Sim Card

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  2. lol says:

    Sänks for uploading

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