Acer Aspire 721 Netbook Subnotebook

Hello again,

after a long long time without a windows Netbook / Subnotebook / Notebook I am getting a new one. Ok, it is not for me, but I will get it first, play with it, set it up and test it a little bit.

My choice it the Acer Aspire 721. 10 Inch is definitely too small. So I went for 11.6 inch. It´s the same size as my old Samsung N150 but with a HD display, 1366×768 resolution. It comes with a AMD K125 + Ati 4225 combo, which should have more power than the old Intel Atom N270 + Nvidia ION bundle. HDMI out in 1080p should be possible. Windows 7 64bit Premium and 250HDD rounds it up. Only downside is the battery time of 3-5 hours.

Price was 375,- € incl. shipping. Not too bad I think.

I can´t find any videos about the 721, just 2 short unboxing vids from ndevil and bradlinder:

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