Again finally shipped

Update: Uh, my mistake, it was still not shipped. But now, again 3 hours later it´s finally picked up by DHL. I can´t believe it. Maybe it will be in Duesseldorf tomorrow, but I don´t want to get disappointed again. So I guess it will arrive on Wednesday.

I really can´t believe it. Borderlinx UK has not shipped my iPhones 4 on Friday, but TODAY. I hate you Gary!!! From the button of my heart. How can you do that to me? I trusted you. And now I have to wait one more day. My life has no meaning…..

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2 Responses to Again finally shipped

  1. Clark Rogers says:


    That sounds like terrrible service.

    You should try they always ship my items on time and have been in business since 1997.

  2. It was slower than expected, that was my main problem. I should have anticipated 1 hole week and everything would have been ok.

    Myus is for US only, but my iPhones 4 are simlockfree from the UK.

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