WoW in Full HD on a Macbook Pro 2010

There was one thing I wanted to test the hole time. Running World of Warcraft on my 2010 Macboo Pro 13 inch with standard configuration, 2,4 Dual Core Intel and Nvidia 320M. With Starcraft 2 I got a new Trial Version code and today I used it.

Settings were on medium, and resolution was Full HD, 1920×1080, on my HP 2510i. Of course the starting ground was not crowded at all and I had a wonderful time playing with 50-60 FPS. Everything looked ok. Than I discovered the ingame recording tool for Mac and tried it out.

First on HD Ready, 1280×720, but it only recorded about 13-18 seconds and then stopped. I switched to 1920×1080 but this was worse, it canceled just after 1,5 seconds. So I went with 1024×576. No problems here.

During the recording I got 30 FPS and 45 FPS while the video was getting compressed.

Next test will hopefully show a crowded Ogrimmar. So stay tuned.

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