Ordering a new toy

I have 4 different external USB Harddrives. One 2 TB Western Digital for all my HD Movies. A 1.5 TB Samsung for all my TV Shows. Another 1 TB Samsung for Time Machine and a small and old 2.5 60 Gb Samsung for other mobile stuff.
All HDDs are full now, and there are already 200GB on my Acer Revo HMPC and 80GB on my MBP that are waiting to be archived. So what would be the next step? Buying another 2 TB external HDD? Blocking another USB Port on my Revo that I don´t have?
NO, of course not. Let´s try something new. I have ordered a NAS. I didn´t want to pay too much, and it should have room for 2 3.5 HDDs. So I went with the D-Link DNS-323.

And for the filling, I´ve chosen the Western Digital WD20EARS Caviar Green 2TB. 5400rpm should be enough and are hopefully quite in my Living Room.

And now, let´s wait for DHL…

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